Logic Apps is a software company that specializes in mobile applications for communication and interaction with consumers, employees or service providers.

We develop apps that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes and communication instantly.

Our company is a full service organization. We would like to help you with:


  • Realizing the creative-, functional- and business concept;
  • Developing the technology;
  • Realizing the front- and back office systems and organization;
  • Interfacing with your company systems and/or internet applications;
  • Running the operational (content-) management of your app.


We develop apps for consumers as well as to improve company processes. Apps that support company processes are secured so that non-registered users cannot use the app.

Logicapps develops software with the following ingredients: from local to central processes v.v., GPS, time registration, route information, electronic offers, using bill of material (e.g. recipes, technical documentation), work orders, scanning of products or documents.

Our apps realize performance improvement within a few months time. We build apps “offline”; outside your legacy systems. We only need one input- and one output interface with your current IT-system.

Logic Apps is a foot-loose, no-nonsense, low cost organization where quality and experience counts.